What I do

The short version is, I take photos.

To expand, I take photos of anything that inspires me. It can be the moment that two people say ‘I do’ or it can be when the sun comes up over the Manchester skyline.

My portfolio consists mainly of weddings and architecture; however, I also do a lot of commissions for people looking for something special to hang on their wall, hospitality shots for new bar or restaurant openings, headshots for professionals in all industries, fashions shots and other various landscapes.

I’m always up for trying anything new in the wonderful world of photography so if there’s something you want but I’ve not mentioned, please send me a message through the ‘contact me’ section of this website.

How I do it

My weapon of choice is a Cannon SLR and my many different lenses… special mention to my nifty fifty! (Sorry, photography nerd!)

When I am honored enough to be part of a special occasion, have my work hung up in your living room or promote your brand, I will take the time to ensure I understand exactly what is required. This will involve meetings, telephone calls, 3am emails the day before… basically, whatever it takes to make sure that you get what you want.

Nothing is too much for me when it comes to photography and making sure you are over the moon with your final images.

Where I live

I live in the buzzing, busy and beautiful city of Manchester. I am inspired daily by the skyline, the music and most of all, the people. I should probably hold off mentioning either red or blue though…

As for locations I work, there is no limit. Travelling is a passion and I will jump at the chance to combine this with photography.

The more obscure the better – please feel free to run anything by me.